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Home to the Ronkonkoma Hook & Ladder Engine Co. Number 1 Firehouse

Original Firehouse of Ronkonkoma

Colonial Flower Shop is the home to the Original Firehouse of Ronkonkoma circa 1904-1924.  In 1903, a group of  brave men became firefighters, fighting a fire in a local hotel. In 1904, the firefighters officially formed a group known as the Ronkonkoma Hook & Ladder Engine Co. No. 1 from 1904 to 1924.  John W. Cleary was the company's first chief.  The Company originally protected an area of five square miles, including Ronkonkoma, Lake Ronkonkoma, Centereach, Lakeland, Lake Grove, Holbrook, Holtsville and Farmingville.  Dues of 15 cents per month supported the organization as well as donations and social functions run by the company.  The firehouse was often rented to various groups who showed films and held dances. The most successful form of fund raising, however, was the Firemans Fair, which were very popular social gatherings.  The townspeople allowed the Company to purchase its first fire apparatus.  It was a horse drawn vehicle which carried one hundred feet of hose.  

Lake Ronkonkoma Fire Department has since moved to it's new home on Portion Road in Ronkonkoma. the name has been changed from Ronkonkoma Hook & Ladder Number 1 to Ronkonkoma Fire Department. On July 17, 1939, a fire district was formed. Colonial Flower Shop has humbly occupied this firehouse building since 1959, being the original florist of Lake Ronkonkoma, located in the Original Firehouse of Ronkonkoma 1904, Hook and Ladder, Engine Co. 1. 

Please stop by to see all of the firehouse memorabilia, feel the history, and enjoy being in the home of the original firehouse! (Don't forget to ask to see the original BELL) 

304 Hawkins Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779


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